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The Meaning of Gender: A Catholic Critique of Queer Theory

The modern debates regarding gender, sexuality, and marriage are among the most important and radical changes in the modern liberal world. Marc Barnes takes these changes seriously, finds their basis in ancient history, walks through the logic of the LGBTQ+ system, and helps us understand the profundity of the Church's teaching on gender like never before.


Featuring over 3 hours of dynamic lectures from popular author Marc Barnes.

Course Outline:

Section 1: Gender Under Liberalism
   Lesson 1: Why Gender Identity Didn't Solve Our Problems: Biological and Psychological "Proofs" of Gender
   Lesson 2: New Genders, Same Hierarchy: Essentialism and Constructionism
   Lesson 3: It's Just Liberalism: Gender Identity and Fundamental Anthropology

Section 2: Gender in Scriptures
   Lesson 4: The Antimythic Pentateuch: Primal Difference vs. the Primal Androgyne
   Lesson 5: Envy as Androgyny: The Transgenderism of Adam and Eve
   Lesson 6: Sex Prevents Idolatry: Patristic Interpretations of Nakedness
   Lesson 7: Sign of the Skin, Sign of the Woman: The Sexual Fall and Redemption

Section 3: Postliberal Gender
   Lesson 8: The Unit: Sexual Difference Against the Technocratic Slave State
   Lesson 9: Suffering the Gift: Sexual Difference Against Capitalism