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The Two Cities: The Rise of Christendom

Andrew Willard Jones argues that all history is salvation history—the story of God's dramatic relationship of creating and redeeming humanity. His first course, "The Rise of Christendom", begins with Adam in the Garden and moves through the Mesopotamian dynasties and the Roman Empire, to the slow but thorough conversion of Europe into Christendom. What did a Christian society look like and how did it come about? Study these questions with Dr. Jones in his first video course.


Featuring over 6 hours of dynamic lectures from Andrew Willard Jones, professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville and author of Before Church and State.

Course Outline:

Section 1: The Old Testament
   Lesson 1: Introduction: All History is Church History
   Lesson 2:  The Church in the Beginning
   Lesson 3: The Age of Nature
   Lesson 4: The Age of Law

Section 2: The New Testament
   Lesson 5: The Age of Grace
   Lesson 6: The Kingship of Christ
   Lesson 7: Pentecost: The Restoration of Legislation

Section 3: Overcoming the Empire
   Lesson 8: The Apostolic Age: Christianity Against the Pagans
   Lesson 9: The Persecutions: Victory Over Rome
   Lesson 10: The Conversion of the Empire
   Lesson 11: The Spread of Christianity

Section 4: The Rise of Christendom
   Lesson 12: Establishing the Roman Papacy: Romanitas
   Lesson 13: The Carolingian Renaissance: The Christening of Kingship
   Lesson 14: The Monastic Reform Movement
   Lesson 15: Sanctifying Christendom
   Lesson 16: Crusade and Christian Civilization