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How Science Became a Religion: Philosophy of Science Before, During, and After Christendom

 Professor Logan Gage walks us through the dramatic history of science, exploring its methods and power, and ultimately giving Christians the intellectual firepower to think through its authority in modern life.

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The Meaning of Gender: A Catholic Critique of Queer Theory

Marc Barnes tackles gender, sexuality, and marriage. He finds their basis in ancient history, walks through the logic of the LGBTQ+ system, and helps us understand the profundity of the Church's teaching on gender.

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The Two Cities: The Rise of Christendom

Andrew Willard Jones argues that all history is salvation history—the story of God's dramatic relationship of creating and redeeming humanity. His first course begins with Adam in the Garden and moves to the slow but thorough conversion of Europe into Christendom. 

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Watch our foundational mini series to get started. Nick and Alex Plato discuss the basics in what we like to call, "Platos' Dialogues". Start with this short clip, then register to watch the rest.

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